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Okay, so it's a little late, but I've got my thoughts here on Serenity. I posted them in my journal in a couple of separate posts, but I decided to add them here as well.

Initial Reaction

OMG so of course I saw Serenity on Friday. LOVED IT. But first of all..

It wasn't sold out or anything which makes me very sad. We got there an hour early and sat in line and had to wait for the other showing to let out. Ugh. When everyone came out I plugged my ears and hummed "Hero of Canton" so that I wouldn't hear anything if anyone decided to be dumb (like Lisa was when we walked out) and say anything about the movie. No last minute spoilers for me! But I was sad that there weren't many crazy fans. There was one guy in a Jayne hat(not really the right colors, but close and he was the only one so he gets Kudos.) and a couple of people wearing brown coats. But no singing or crazy costumes or anything like I've heard other people talk about. Oh, and one person from the showing before us was wearing a shirt that said "Joss Whedon is my master now". But that was it.

Oh and we stayed til the end of the credits and after all the credits had rolled, this group of people down front all went "Grr Argh." It was great. We clapped. :)

So the movie itself. It was amazing. I had to get past a couple of things, but overall, an excellent movie. Very enjoyable, lots of ass-kicking, and tons of great Joss-dialogue.

The movie was more action/plot driven than the show obviously which bothered me only slightly. There was still some great character stuff like the shows and it made sense since I was a movie afterall. Better budget and trying to draw more than just the Firefly fans. It worked well.

And what was up with the characters (especially Jayne and Kaylee) looking like they lost about 20 pounds? Yeah, I know, probably actor things. But it was weird. But what was weirder (and this might have just been the sound at my theater) was that they all sounded really weird and kind of high pitched when they talked. Especially Simon, Kaylee, and Zoe(at the beginning). But I got past it easily. It was just really really weird. Was it just our theater or was it really like that?

My one complaint that can't be explained away or just ignored was a character thing. Simon/Kaylee. Okay, so they were always really cute and they almost had that really sweet moment in "Objects in Space". And then in the movie they just go straight from how they were to sex. GAH. They couldn't be all cute and romantic, they had to just go straight to the sex. Bugged me.

And River kicking all kinds of ass. Gotta love it. As I was saying during the fight against the Reavers.. "Give River a gun!" Everyone else was firing and she was back there freaking out. They shoulda given her a gun. But what happened worked well. Great visual of her with the weapons standing over all the dead Reavers.

Hehe, and I LOVED the scene where Mal was talking to Inara and everyone was watching. So funny. And his hair! *giggles* And he was all like "Did you see us fight?" "No." "See? Trap." Priceless. Cause it's so true!

And I would be very wrong if I didn't discuss that which my subject line referred to. To quote Lisa as she walked out of the theater, "Why Wash!" Obviously I know why. He and Zoe were adorable and happy together and Joss tears apart relationships. They can't end happily. There is no happily ever after. His death meant so much. Joss is so amazing at making you laugh one second and cry the next. The entire theater was giggling from him saying "I am a leaf on the wind" and then there was like this collective gasp and a million hands when to mouths when he died. It was gut-wrenching. It got to my emotions so much that I literally had a stomach ache and it still affects me when I think about it.

In conclusion, Joss is an evil genius bastard. I want more from these characters.

Later Thoughts

Okay, now that I've taken a bit and I'm over the initial shock phase, there are some inherent flaws that one could find with the movie, though only what was said in my last post really bothered me.

Flaws if you are a Firefly fan.
+ Simon being the one to rescue River. People have said that it breaks canon. There is an interview that thesuthernangel posted where Joss attempts to explain it away. But in going back and watching the pilot last night, Simon did not say that he had people sneak her out to cryo and then met her in Persephone. He said he could have done that. He said that when he talked to the people that they could do that. He never said he did. So technically it doesn't break canon.

+ What happened to the guys with blue hands? Well they never showed up in the movie. So here's my thought to explain this. They failed at bringing in River so they were terminated and the Operative was sent in their place. Just a thought.

+ We don't know anything about Inara and Book leaving the ship. We knew Inara was going to, but they didn't explain all that. But if the verse continues, Joss is the master of flashbacks, so I'm sure we'll get to know a bit more.

+ What the hell happened in those months between when the show ended and when the movie was set? Mal was darker, Simon was less up-tight and more rough. Kaylee could shoot a gun. There was much more tension between the crew. Now I'm sure that the tension was (which they alluded to in the movie) because having River on board was making things very difficult for them, especially in finding work. And for the die-hard fans, if you really want to know, go out and buy the comics if you haven't already. They supposedly give some insight. I'll certainly be going to 21st Century today. Hope they have them.

Flaws if you never saw Firefly.
+ Mal/Inara. The movie doesn't explain their past relationship. It gives every indication that they are ex-lovers or something of the sort.

+ Book. It was never made clear that he was once on the ship.

+ Simon and River on board. It is never explained how these fugitives end up on the ship where people don't seem to want them.

There were probably others, but that's a few things that I either thought of myself or saw someone else had complained about and then I thought a bit about them.

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