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Have any of you thought that maybe NBC Universal (there one company now they also recently merged with Dreamworks) may bring Firfly to NBC. NBC has no strong franshise; they had Law & Order, but the latest addition failed. They thought Joey would be a hit, but it bombed, Apprentice has died out.

If Serenity becomes a hit (it has a huge chance right now) and Firefly gets more fans, maybe NBC will have a new season taht leads into the movie. I really love it as a movie, but love the tv show b/c charchters have more chances to develop, but Serenity is my favorite movie still. So I would love if NBC transformed it into a hit show. Joey and Law & Order don't work in the new way tv works. Since Desperate Housewives, Lost, Grey's Anotomy, and Boston Legal (Comande in Cheif is rising) has turned Tv and ABC where shows have to have episodes that connect and huge fan bases. Fox has House and Prison Break; CBS has C.S.I. (despite that its dying) and Survivor (also dying); UPN has the small cult Veronica Mars and Everybody Hates Chris is rising, even WB has Smallville! NBC has not one show that fits the mold and what viewers want. If they put Firefly on it would have the cult following, new fans from the movie, and this would be all over teh media and people would be interested and watch. This could result in a huge success! Tell me what you think.


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