(xxsnowcrashxx) wrote in fireflyfans,

I dont know why some people really hate the movie. But it makes me mad. I saw on article where they called it the biggest flop of the year. I really hope this movie makes atleast 80 million to warrent a sequel. I would be so sad if this movie was the last we ever saw of the serenity crew.

I want the movie to do good so badly for my own selfish reasons and because I want everyone who has totally trashed this movie to eat their words. I dont really know why I am posting. I guess I am just frustrated because I think its one of the greatest shows ever the Movie was amazing. I have seen it twice already and I was happy to see the theater was actually full for a monday night.

So please go out and see it again. Tell your friends do what ever. Because I think the movie is going to need all the help it can get. I noticed even the commercials for the movie have stopped
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