Kezuki (kezbat) wrote in fireflyfans,

Don't ask me how I know this but I do

UK readers will understand why this is odd right away. For the rest of you, I will explain in a second. :)

Serenity got a 4-star review in Heat. Bloody HEAT! It wasn't their lead review (that was Kinky Boots, which has nothing to do with anything except that it also stars Chiwetel Ejiofor) but it's there. four stars. "Don't let the unfamiliarity put you off - this is witty sci-fi."

This is of course a very good thing but, Heat is the tawdriest celebrity magazine in the country which is more picture of celebrity unable to get out of car without flashing underwear and oh look, breasts, we've never seen those before! than it is actual writing, and I wouldn't expect them to give anything GOOD a big fat 4/5. But they did so fair play to them. Fingers crossed that, and this is the only time I will ever say this, people will listen to them and go see it...

(Alright, I bought it this week because of the review, and because there's an interview in it with Stephen Fry. But that really doesn't have anything to with Serenity so, shutting up now...)

Edit: hand on a minute. Maybe this isn't a good thing. Oh crap. Is being featured in Chronically Dumb Publiactions EVER a good thing???
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