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At the risk of repeating myself ...

I posted this awhile ago, but there are new people on the list and some new ordering info, so I thought I would repost. :)

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Greetings to all you Firefly fans out there!

There is now the fabulous Firefly Episode Guide, which yours truly wrote. It has an introduction to the world of Firefly and a general overview, a description of all the main characters, some history and background, and an explanation of the language and culture. Then each episode has a cast list, original airdate, a synopsis of the episode, followed by an indepth critique that comments upon themes, patterns, logic flaws, and whatever else struck me as being interesting, relevant, or worth talking about. After that is a pointer list of interesting factoids about the episode - Chinese influences, Chinese translations, things to take note of, interesting behind-the-scenes facts, etc.

The book can be purchased from either myself or from the publisher, Windstorm Creative. It should also be available from Amazon soon. The book retails at $12.99. Windstorm charges $10.39, +$5 for shipping and handling. I sell the book for $15, including shipping to most addresses in the US. And if you buy the book from me, the author, you of course can get it signed! Simply send me an email! Coolness.

Be shiny, keep flyin', and never kiss 'em on the mouth. ;)

Firefly, we barely knew thee.
But with the release of all fourteen episodes on DVD,
we're ready to rekindle our love.

It's been six years since civil war between the Alliance and the Independents ended with an Alliance victory at Serenity Valley. Now the Alliance controls not just the core planets but all the once-independent worlds as well.

One of the few survivors of Serenity Valley, Malcolm Reynolds refused to live under the Alliance's thumb. Aboard Serenity, his firefly-class ship, Mal and his crew take whatever work comes their way--whether it be running cargo or ridding a village of bandits. It doesn't have to be legitimate, or even legal, as long as it pays.

Firefly, Joss Whedon's short-lived series, creates a fascinating blend of two genres: The western and classic space-faring science fiction and makes something truly new. Join Mimi Noyes for in-depth critique of and witty banter about Whedon's foray into the final frontier.

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