Thomas Frost (frost57565) wrote in fireflyfans,
Thomas Frost

Where is the 'Verse?

I'm sure it's come up before. Where, physically, are all the worlds of the Firefly and Serenity 'verse?

I've seen plenty of speculation, but I think it's been pretty well established that the 'verse is a single solar system. We fled the Solar system on generation ships and arrived elsewhere, another solar system with lots of rocky worlds (not so farfetched, really, for reasons I won't go into here). But where is it?

I've heard some references to 61 Virginis (a.k.a. Gliese 506 or HD 115617). It's a reasonable candidate -- a G6V star 28 light-years from here with a high abundance of heavy elements. Hard to believe there's nothing closer, though.

I saw a couple of graphics supposedly of the Firefly system, but it didn't seem to have all of the worlds found in the Serenity Visual Companion.

Anyone have any info?
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