Jane (brightillusions) wrote in fireflyfans,

Drinking fun!

For those of us that are legal of course.

A friend of mine quoted Wash today and I told him that I knew quite a few Wash quotes. He said we should create a drinking game for the show and we started tossing out some suggestions.

This is what we came up with so far...

Everytime Zoe says 'sir'.
Everytime Gorram (sp?) is said.
Everytime Wash hits those buttons over his shoulder.
Everytime Jayne gets shot or stabbed (or generally attacked.)
When Simon screws up with Kaylee.
When Inara rolls her eyes at Mal.
When River starts getting weird and no one has noticed yet.
A Blue Sun shirt/sign appears.

That's what we got.

X-posted. =)
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