Project: J-ko (project_jko) wrote in fireflyfans,
Project: J-ko

Helping make the big gorram push...

I was originally going to comment in the last thread, but I figured more people would see it if I made my own post here.

If any of you folks are in the Dover, NH area, my theater (I Manage the joint, heh) is playing Serenity.

6:50PM and 9:20PM through next Thursday, October 13th.

Unfortunately, we don't have any kind of link-up for advanced or online ticketing, but if you're in the area and are looking to see Serenity (again?), here's yet another place where it can be seen.

Here's the address for Mapquesting, if need be.

Spinelli Cinemas, Strand Theater (aka 'The Strand')
20 Third Street
Dover NH 03820

See you there!
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