s-pa (windsong_moon) wrote in fireflyfans,

More Space. A Serenity/Firefly RPG.

In light of the release of the BDM, a friend and I have created More Space- a Firefly RPG. It's very slightly AU concerning one or two Serenity aspects (since one of the mods is still in denial), but still loyal to Firefly canon.


It's a time of possibility, and momentary easy-going for the crew of Serenity. However, with the Alliance recently rebuilding and tightening security, success on their missions has been jeopardized. In order to secure the safety of his crew, as well as his jobs, Captain Malcom Reynolds has enlisted the help of three other trustworthy captains. Together, they have formed the second Browncoats, and are indeed a force to be reckoned with.

Four Captains. Four Ships. One Destination.

More Space, a Firefly/Serenity RPG.


It's located on GreatestJournal.com simply because we've found that it is more efficient for RPG use (aka- you can have up to 2,000 user icons @.@). For more information on More Space or RPGing in general- contact Rose at shooterxkitty on AIM.
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