prophecy (___manacles) wrote in fireflyfans,

I'm so jealous of everyone who got into Firefly way back when. I had never even HEARD of it until I saw a preview for Serenity. I am sad though that I missed out on all the opening night fun... I am in love with going to midnight shows and dressing up. I am a cosplay fandom fanatic BUT alas I am still only half way through the series. I have the final 2 discs comming. They should be here by Mon. or Tues. I will once again try to review the episodes and then AS SOON as I finish the last episode I swear I am heading to the theatre so I can talk about Serenity... I CANT wait until I can click those cut tags that say "SPOILERS" I need more Firefly!!! I am geting that sam obsessed feeling get from XENA and LOST... I am trying to cope with the idea that I have just fallen madly in love with Firefly and that it is such a short series...I am just making ALL kinds of theories in my head as to what might happen in the movie and I just need to get the next episodes from netflixs! grrr..

OH also... Summer Glau is insanely beautiful... ESPECIALLY when she smiles.. Can anyone tell me what nationality she is? I know she was born in Texas but does anyone know what her heritage is?
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