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I have a proposal - an inkling of an idea to present to my fellow Browncoats. Hear me out and think about it. Roll it around in your brains for a bit....

Now, we all are here because of our love of the crew of Serenity and the brilliant man who thought it all up, Joss Whedon. What do you think of the possibility of showing Joss (and Universal, and Fox, and anyone else out there watching) just how much we love our Browncoats? How much we think of his 'Verse?

All of us are promoting, right? We've been coercing friends and family to watch and holding local Shindigs - and chatting up the BDM like it's the only thing out there. Buying an extra ticket instead of popcorn - we're all doing our part. What if we attempt to do a bit more? Something a little more...proactive?

Has anyone thought to invest in Serenity? In the sequels and such? How hard do you think it would be to come up with raising $1,000 per Browncoat? What if our local groups ban together and invest on the production of the next movie? Production companies court investors all the time - and why not? If the movie does great - everybody wins! The investors get a cut and if the movie doesn't do that great, the production company takes insurance out on your investment, so you don't lose your money if the movie doesn't make it. You can take your windfall and reinvest in the next film - or, better yet...maybe convince Joss that he needs to bring back the series.

This is the most direct way we can contribute to the success of this fantastic show and really give those who don't believe "what for" - that we believe in this show and Joss.

Another neat perk would be recognition in the credits. I would be grinning big to see the name "Oregon Browncoats", knowing that I was a part of this. Knowing that I helped get that back, where it should be.

Why Invest in a Movie? It's an interesting essay.

Keep the mind open, Browncoats, and ask yourself why wouldn't you do it.

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