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Further goodies from the BBC

Hi all,

further to my previous post about a glowing BBC review of Serenity, here's some more...(yes, I am addicted to the BBC, why do you ask?)

BBC radio interview with Joss

An interview with Joss Whedon from last night's BBC World Service arts programme. Joss mentions the influence of Star Wars on the show & the movie, discusses Zoe's character a bit, & talks about Wonderwoman.

You can listen to the interview here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/programmes/the_ticket.shtml. Click on 'listen', and skip forward to about 26 minutes through the programme (just after the news summary). The link should be valid for the next week or so.

There is also a written summary of the interview:

BBC website review of Serenity

Here's the BBC's 4-star review: http://www.bbc.co.uk/films/2005/09/26/serenity_2005_review.shtml. WARNING: review contains some mild spoilers!

You can rate the film yourself, and post comments...unsurprisingly, the votes are almost 100% 5-star ratings, and the comments are rather gushing.

I went to see the movie again last night, 24 hours after seeing it the first time. I spent the intervening day (no, I don't have a thesis to write, not at all...) joining this community and others, and reading back through lots of intelligent discussion and speculation. Seeing it again with all these points fresh in my mind was well worth it!

I went with a bunch of friends who are all Tolkien fanatics. Only one of them had seen Firefly, and that was just the pilot. He enjoyed it, and intends to go back & watch the series. The others seemed reasonably positive, but perhaps a little bewildered.
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