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More pics!

I added a few pics (HQ) at my website today: Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk, Adam Baldwin, Gina Torres (with Laurence), Jewel... and some other celebrities :)

I split up my Extras page - when you first get to it, that's where all my TV/movie images are, I also made a page for High Quality Celebrity Images, this is where you'll find most of my new pics (though I do have one new HQ image of Jayne on the Extras main page).



PS: I saw in the previous post that "Serenity" didn't do so well over this weekend :( I'm still going to remain hopeful that we'll get a sequel, the movie was too good not to get one. Keep spreading the word about the movie, I know I've convinced non-Browncoats to see the movie this weekend, and they loved it. Our love will keep us flying.
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