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Pimp time...

I've recently opened a Kaylee fic archive. Basically I'm looking to archive only the best Kaylee-centric or Kaylee-relationship fics that are out there. I'm archiving any pairing, any rating, anything, as long as it's about Kaylee, and it's good, its fair game.

What I need most right now, though, are recs. Recommendations of what people think are the very best Kaylee fics they've read. You can rec something you've written, or something someone else has written, either way is fine - but if you rec something of your own, please don't take it the wrong way if it doesn't get added!

The site is here: As Chocolatey As Possible.

I'm still working through some permissions I've been granted since I launched the site last week, so there are still more to be put up - but I'm about to go to bed and wanted to get this post out there!

One last thing - if you want to rec something that someone else wrote, don't worry about getting permission before you rec it. I'll contact all authors myself before I archive anything, so if you want to rec a fic that you've read and loved, please do! There's contact info on the site, or just drop a comment here!

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