Courtney (nerdy_ninjette) wrote in fireflyfans,

Happy Times with Serenity Merch

Ok so Samurai Comics just opened next to my house, I went in not expecting to find a lot of Serenit/Firefly stuff since the stuff sells out so quick, buuuuuuuut..

They had a Serenity Corner! I grabbed the first issue of the Serenity comic bouncing up and down...THEN I found a three ring binder with the movie picture on it (and the crew on the back), I opened it up and EEK! The complete trading card collection was inside!! So I grabbed that. THEN the woman who worked there said "Don't get that comic book" and I'm like "Why the hell not??" and she...BUSTS OUT A GRIP OF SERENITY COMICS! "Cuz there are more covers to choose from!" and what did I find??? JAYNE ON ISSUE #1!!! I grabbed that, the Shepherd Book on #2 (and a copy for my bro-in-law cuz he doesnt have it) and River on issue #3.


Inside the trading card folder there was a folded up Serenity poster...I asked the woman if it was free. She said yes, and looked to find me an unbent poster. Then she comes back and says "Sorry, we don't have any more buuuut YOU CAN HAVE THIS FREE SHIRT!" I was jumping up and down and took the free Serenity shirt. Then while she was ringing up my stuff she's like "Oh! Here are the posters! You can have this too!"

Eeeeeeeh! I was so happy!

Oh! I also got the Official Movie Magazine too! Which I've been reading during my breaks at work and before class. It's really intersting, I'm on the Wash article right now. So frickin sweet!

I heart Serenity, I heart Firefly and I frickin HEART that woman at Samurai Comics!!
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