TV Whisperer (electrcspacegrl) wrote in fireflyfans,
TV Whisperer

My favorite Serenity Review

Hey, there's this new sci-fi movie out that I heard about the other day. I think it's called Serendipity or Serenity or something. ;)

Anyway. A friend whom I converted to Firefly very recently saw the movie, gave it a 10 out of 10 in my Serenity Poll, and he wrote a review of it for his website. It's probably just the best Serenity review I've read.

"Serenity is how sci-fi adventures should be done."

WARNING: Mild spoilers for plot outline.

Here's a blurb:

"Serenity is a movie puzzle that fits together with deceptive ease. But above the machinations of a topical plot that puts to shame most Hollywood screenwriting, Serenity works so well because the archetypical characters and situations are sketched with a loving hand; armed with highly naturalistic dialog and placed in settings that are totally relatable to today’s culture."

You can read his other movie reviews here: Video Sewer
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