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Protector of the Small

Greetings, all.
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I got the soundtrack today, and some questions/general observations follow.

I noticed that on the nineteenth track, they mispell Jayne. It's spelled without the "y". Heh.
And for a question...

...Why isn't the theme (which plays after the credits are near done) on the soundtrack? That song is the reason I bought the soundtrack. I would have either way, but I've been hungering for that song since last weekend, which was the last time I saw the film. Does anyone know the answer to why the song isn't on the soundtrack? Are they going to release another version of the soundtrack with it and other unreleased tracks? Does anyone somehow have the theme track that they could send me? Would be very much appreciated.
That aside, I have to say, my favorite track aside from the theme is track 3, "Serenity".

Any other thoughts on the soundtrack?

Fly true, Browncoats.

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