Doyle (madarivian) wrote in fireflyfans,

Serenity Action Figures

Upon the release of pictures for the Serenity action figures I know some people where upset and disappointed by them. At any rate, I was. Mal looked deformed, Jayne looked constipated. And there were only those two?

Well, there's still only Mal and Jayne, but the good news is they are NOT as bad as the pictures I've seen make them out to be. I'm not even sure where those pictures came from.

As you can see, they don't look at all like the pictures. And thankfully, they look much better. I'm really quite happy with my action figures, all in all, and consider them a worthy buy.

So, if you were thinking of buying them, but were off put by the pictures...rejoice! If you can't afford them, well, holidays are around the corner. Why the sales pitch? If Series 1 sells well...they'll be a series 2. And I'd like that. ;)

Either way, the action figures are actually ok. And that's good news.

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