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About a week ago, I had a weird dream where Summer Glau came down with some kind of illness and I was asked to stand in for her. This is an interesting concept as I look nothing like her, nor am I a creature of extraordinary grace by any stretch of the imagination.

Two nights ago, I dreamed that I had to go to this little church in Tennessee (I live in Michigan, wtf) and it turned out to be Nathan Fillion's church, and I ended up sitting by him and we were talking about Firefly and stuff, and he asked to meet my sister (sigh...everyone loves my sister). The cool part about this dream was that he had decided that Mal was his true identity, so he was dressed as Mal right there in church. But...Mal doesn't like religion...? And I havent' so much as set foot in a church for months. Hella weird.

Now you all share your firefly-related dreams.
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