Serendith (serendith) wrote in fireflyfans,

Any convention noise out there?

Anyone know if there is any noise about the cast showing up at any conventions next year?

I live on the east coast and have an annual conflict with Dragon*con (you have no idea how much that fact annoys me) and the only way I would go to California (which is where most of the sci-fi conventions seem to be) is if the whole cast would be present. I would love to get some autographs but I made a deal with myself a while ago that I would only collect autographs I could get in person (unless you are talking about recluses like Richard Dean Anderson - then you just have to swallow your pride and buy it because the man shows up to nothing!)

I can seem to find reliable pictures and info about past conventions but very little on future ones. Is is likely because they just aren't planning that far ahead or what?
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