Thomas Frost (frost57565) wrote in fireflyfans,
Thomas Frost

What is Zoe's name?

Okay. Thanks to the movie, we now know for a fact that Wash's full name is Hoban Washburne. So what's Zoe's name? Variations I've seen:
  • Zoe Warren (IMDB)
  • Zoe Washburn (by extension from the movie)
  • Zoe Alleyne (sp?) (from the Visual Companion)
Given the fact that "Alleyne" is mentioned in one of Whedon's "mee-moes" as Zoe's name in the war, I think we can take it as canon that that's her maiden name, at least. So she's either Washburne or Alleyne. Not sure where "Warren" came from.

Okay, guess it's not much of a question. Still.
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