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Intro: Hi, I'm Indigo, and I'm diggin' on Firefly.

I missed the first episode but kerydd and closer2myself gave me a quick recap before last week's episode.

Last week was pretty good. It was one of those Aliens type tension builders it seemed, and I was pleased, because Joss paced and wrote it so well that I had figured out where he was going with the plot -- then he threw me a big old distraction ball and I went for it, so I was surprised that he took the plot where I thought it was going in the first place. I don't normally fall for that, so I was impressed he caught me.

But this week's episode cemented me firmly.

I am the Zoe fan, plain and simple.

Malcolm was all hardcase last week with the Reavers situation, but this week he's all soft and doesn't kill little miss Space Ho Saffron after she would cheerfully have killed Serenity's entire crew. So now she lives to do that to anyone/everyone else.

If it'd been me, I'd have rendered her incapable to play her "innocent virgin waif" schtick on anyone else, ever again.

Good thing I'm not Mal, I guess...
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