Mayor of "There" (rmjwell) wrote in fireflyfans,
Mayor of "There"

A very shiny Christmas event in San Francisco

Now, it isn't a Firefly event, but it isn't far off. The Dickens Fair features gentlemen and ladies in handsome fashions all, music that sounds of the 'Verse, even women modeling fineries in a store window.

The Fair is set in the London of Charles Dickens and is a very nice place to visit if you are looking for clothing that would look at home on Inara, Atherton Wing, or --even occasionally-- Captain Tightpants.

If you are in the SF Bay area, come and enjoy it before it goes away for another year; it runs for three more days --Dec 11th, 17th, and 18th.

Edit: Here are the pictures I took at the Fair; you can see them at .
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