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Roleplay in the Firefly 'verse

Join our merry band of Firefly fans for fun and, well ... fun!

We roleplay online - formerly on LiveJournal, currently at UnlimitedRPG, which is a roleplaying journal site based on the LiveJournal open-source code. We play Firefly characters and original characters in the Firefly world - 500 years in the future, in space. Some of the major characters are already taken, but others are available, due to players leaving the game.

If you like Firefly and you like to roleplay, this could be a whole lotta fun.

--- Firefly Sock Puppet Theatre Links ---
Our old home: serenity_rp
Our new home: firefly_rp

--- Other Links ---
Official Firefly info
Starlog interview
Articles about Firefly

At first, I was leery of a journal-based roleplaying game. I've done years of table-top roleplaying and MUDding (real-time online rp), and I never got into play-by-email. I like the journal format because it allows for archiving and linking. It also encourages players to put some thought into their entries/replies, since they have the luxury of time.

When a few players are online at the same time, we'll sometimes have a fast and furious back-and-forth session of journal entries and replies, so it's almost like real-time roleplaying. For other events that would be too tedious to roleplay in that manner, we frequently chat online and agree on a storyline, then recount our characters' points of view separately.

The current group of players are creative and considerate. For all the drama and melodrama between our characters, the players remain level-headed and easy to work with. I think we've all grown attached to our characters the same way I have in other roleplaying formats.

It's a low-pressure RP - players are encouraged to post at least once a week. There's plenty of opportunity to suggest plot ideas or do your own thing, just like it's okay to follow along with the existing plots if you don't want to contribute new ideas.

For questions, email devon @ or mercenaryjayne @
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