Abbey (place_to_hide) wrote in fireflyfans,

I'm in three firefly communities so I'm just going post in one of them. Heh

so here it goes...

I was watchin' Serenity last night b/c I just got it last night and I was sitting with my laptop and my mom came in and she wasn't really paying attention as much but she familiar with Alan Tudyk because of A Knight's Tale. She went "ooo the Pirate" because she seen Dodgeball. Then she was recongized David Krumholtz as some nerdy friend in a movie.The only movie I remember seeing him as a nerdy friend was in 10 things I hate about you. So that had to have been the movie she was talkin' about and I also told her that he had show called Numbers.

Anyway Yeah so she didn't laugh as much as I did but she laughed at the scene where River was telling Zoe know that the guy had a gun. My mom did laugh a little bit. I went "MOM!!! You missed Wash's Death!" She goes "Who's Wash again?" I said "The Pilot!' lol So she sort of got into it and then she said that Dan(my stepfather) Would be like Serenity. Dan came over to tell us to turn it down a little and than he watched a few minutes and I gave him the dvd case and let him read back because I know I couldn't explain the movie well enough (Damn the Language and Speech Learning Disability) and Then when my stepfather went back into the bedroom he saw commerical for Serenity on dvd and my mom told me that he wants to BORROW Serenity. Then I went to my mom and told her that Firefly is kind of a westerny Scifi show and yeah so I think I'll also be lending Dan my Firefly dvd. I let Dan read the back of the dvd set. I told Dan that the show got canceled and that it was on fox. He went " Is that it?" When he noticed there was only like 14 episodes.

But I'm sure my stepdad will really like it. CONVERTION!! lol.

Anyway I'm sorry you had to read all this rambling. Don't mind me I'm just a little excited that a family member is wanting borrow & see Serenity and Firefly! lol.
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