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Through the Storm: a post-Serenity Firefly RPG

Through the Storm is a post-Serenity Firefly RPG. We want to remain as canon as possible within the 'verse, but obviously things are going to be a little different that in the TV show because of all the changes that have occured!

The name of the RP comes from the very metaphoric conversation between River and Mal at the end of Serenity (the movie).

River: “Storm’s getting worse.”
Mal: “We’ll pass through it soon enough.”

Serenity is grieving. Wash and Sheppard Book are greatly missed. Most of the crew’s friends and contacts were killed by the Operative. The Miranda broadcast has created unrest throughout the Alliance territory, and a new war is brewing. Amid all this, the crew of Serenity is trying to make its way in the ‘verse.

They still need to keep the boat in the air, mouths fed, and despite the Operative's efforts, they still need to keep under the radar of the now even more paranoid Alliance. Adding to that, most of their contacts have perished. So the going's tough, that's for gorram sure, but they'll keep flying.

NOTE: The RP is done on Greatest Journal, simply because they have more icon space. And less usernames are taken.

Another note: I (the mod), play River, and I'm interested in eventually having a River/Jayne storyline develope. If that would bother you, this probably isn't the RP for you. And if you are a Ryane shipper and love Jayne, apply for him, please! XD

For More Information and to Apply:
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