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The New Meeting Place(s)

Well. Since The Unnameable Network shut down our Official Board, the Browncoats have been scattered thither and yon across the net in search of a new home. For those of you who are also lost, here is a list of the places we can be found: - Eric's Board. Looks the most like our old home. - The Generic F*X Board. Eye-bleeding colours, trolls, and lost X-Philes abound. - Allison's Board. Adam Baldwin has been spotted here. - Kiba Rika's Board. She is the creator of Firefly Immediate Assistance.

A vote will be held here:
to determine the location of our new "official" home, but until then we are board-hopping around, just trying to stay in the sky. Mutant Enemy is trying to find a way to get the old F*X board back, and perhaps Universal will create a board for the movie, but in the meantime, these are the options.

See you in the world.
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