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After watching the show again this last week (it makes housework go SOOO much faster! : D ) I realized that the episode 'The Message' was the penultimate character piece in a series that was ultimately a giant character piece. It also is very much the emotional setup for the movie, and of course the ultimate proof as to why Fox is the biggest stupid that ever stupided stupid.

-His love and how much he would sacrifice for both his past and present family.
-How he got through the war-belief, determination, watching over his comrades, and doing some of the stupidest things ever *snicker*
-Perhaps the beginnings of his descent into dissolution with the 'verse (Tracy's dying for the senseless pursuit of money and his inability to function normally after the war, his having to have killed his 'old family' for his new one/'killing' the past.)
-His relationship with Inara progressing to a somewhat-eased truce whereupon they can talk to each other without having to pretend they are mortal enemies (a situation during which they could have progressed to a somewhat-uneasy romance hehe)

-It reconciled her being a stone-cold killer and caring for her comrades and still being able to fall in love
-One of the few personal interactions she has with the Doc-yup, she (and Wash) think he's a big dork that doesn't belong...but of course she's not afraid to mock him for it

-Mock the Doc
-Some of the best lines he got in the series (I'm counting both of his screams in this-Wash screaming=pure comedy gold ^^ )
-His flying-there is no clearer example of how well he can fly the ship
-Reappearance of the dinos!

-She never looked better, even in the movie
-She really does like Mal! hehe
-Ultimately will sacrifice anything (including appointments) for Mal

-He tried to read
-He gets his Very Fine (and Cunning!) Hat
-He does have a heart and occasionally cares about people least when death is involved >_>

-She looooves Simon
-The only other time her libido is displayed during the series
-'Robot' *hehe*

-How stupidly he lets idiotic things roll off his tonigue when trying to flirt with Kaylee
-The usual Simon-y things-doctorin', takin' care of River

-She becomes more lucid during the episode than she ever had been
-Her intuition and psychic abilities are shown more clearly than before (she senses Tracy being alive/'comfortable' in the case, she knows how much Kaylee and Simon like each other and how stupid Simon is being)

-His relationship and connection with River is briefly noted
-Actually reveals more of his knowledge about Alliance procedures when it will save the ship and crew

-Got to finally see a normal marketplace they frequented
-Blue Sun ads galore!
-The most extensive war scenes, the best acting, and the best ship chase in the whole series
-More Fedy goodness in flashbacks and with the renegade cops
-Joss and Tim Minear managed to create a new character for the piece that was both interesting, fleshed out, and could be both loved and hated by the end of the episode-a flawed human (and proof that the Operative coulda been better-written) : (
-It is perhaps never more appearant that the crew of the show went to great lengths to make sure that everything used by the characters and on the ship were consistently and limited to what they woulda had on-hand
-Every single member of the crew would do whatever they could and make any sacrifice for Mal and something that he truly needed-in this case, taking care of Tracy and returning him to his family

And, of course, it shows exactly why they never had any money-they were always running off to do the right thing rather than ignoring whatever and saving money. ^^

I think Joss shoulda had Tim co-write the movie-he seems to always clear up and help flesh out the little bits that Joss occasionally misses.

Thoughts? Comments? No flames-I'd take it as a kindness if you didn't. ; b

EDIT: Ok, I was wrong...'Heart of Gold' fills out a lot of things about the characters too, especially also informs of why exactly she left. I'd throw the second Saffron ep in there too and say that all 3 of the unaired eps constitue proof that cancelling Firefly was one of Fox's biggest mistakes ever. : /
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