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The Second Annual "Worst Firefly/Serenity Pick-Up Line" Contest

The Second Annual "Worst Firefly/Serenity Pick-Up Line Ever" Contest

Think you've got the pick-up line to beat all pick-up lines? If you think you can beat "fortunately for you, I didn't forget to bring my sword" or "I've got something to put 'twixt yer nethers that doesn't run on batteries", then go here and post your entry!
The top 5 will win icons made with your line. The top winner will get the admiration of all my LJ friends, a Serenity filk of his or her choice, and a book.
Please note: It's fine to post your entry here, too, but in order to qualify for voting, you'll have to reply on the contest entry.

Entries will be open until midnight CDT 09 Jan 2006.
Voting will be up after that.

This was inspired by tv_elf's First Annual Bad Stargate Pick-up Line Contest,

Also, the first annual contest entries are up and open for voting. Round 1 will be open until Tue 03 Jan 2006 and Round 2 from Wed 04 Jan 2006 - Fri 06 Jan 2006.

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