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Non-Official Fireflyesque RPG playtesters wanted

Infinite Prophet.</i>

It is kind of like Fading Suns RPG meets "Firefly" meets the Liaden Universe novels.

This game is not meant to ever be for sale. It will be released under the GPL when it is released.

It is a labor of love using White Wolf's famous Storyteller system.

Yet, it will not be released to the general public until and unless I can get it working right, and not until it's a decent work. I hate doing things poorly, and I want to show my love for this show and for this genre by making a game that really rocks.

I'd like to find some people who are willing to playtest this game, as I have come to a point where I really can't do any more on it until I get some feedback on the design as it is written now.

So if you have Storyteller RPG experience and are familiar with the above-mentioned influences, I'd love to have you playtest this thing. Get in touch with me through my LJ account or contact me at my website,

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