Nicky (obsessive24) wrote in fireflyfans,

a bunch of vids, old and new

Don't think I've posted in this community for a long while, so this is sort of a consolidated vid post. The small versions are around 10MB each, and the good quality versions usually around 30MB. The links will take you to the respective journal entries, and feedback is always appreciated. :)

Wires, Simon/River, music by Athlete. Contains Firefly/Serenity footage and audio from the R. Tam Sessions.

Body, Mal/River shipper, music by The Servant. Contains footage from Firefly, Serenity and the R. Tam Sessions.

I am the Highway, Mal character study, music by Audioslave. Firefly footage only, including DVD deleted scene #1.

Fade Out REDUX, black and white Simon & River, music Street Spirit (Fade Out) by Radiohead . Contains footage from Firefly and the R. Tam Sessions.

You Only Disappear, Mal/Simon AU shipper, music by Tom McRae. Firefly footage only.

And there are also some older Firefly vids, which can be found at my site. :)
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