Kaitlyn (frodolyn) wrote in fireflyfans,

You may remember me posting a while back that my friend and I started a scifi/fantasy viding community, sff_vidding  well, many of you were kind enough to point out that there are a few of those out there already; making this one kind of  obsolete. Sooo, we decided to change things up a little!  


Ok, here it is, we’ve decided to make this community essentially about challenges rather than random posting because I’ve done some research and I don't believe there are any other sci-fi /fantasy challenge communities out there. You can post any vid you want that falls into and within the rules, there will be two monthly challenges; a theme, and something else (black and white, a certain song something of that sort) the qualifying submissions will be judged by the mods and narrowed down until there is a manageable amount of entries for voting. Then we will list the entries and the lovely members will be asked to vote for their favorites. As well as this, there will be a monthly mods choice award, any and every vid posted here will be automatically entered to win this. So come one and all, and bring your vids with you!


once more the place to go is

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