Love Doris (stormkpr) wrote in fireflyfans,
Love Doris

Question about plans for Inara

Question about Inara. But first, given that there's been controversy lately about spoilers, I will err on the side of caution and use a cut tag since my question involves events in Heart of Gold, Objects in Space, and the BDM.

So given that Inara says she is leaving in Heart of Gold and Objects in Space...does anyone know what Joss's plans were for her, had the series not been cancelled? Was Morena going to actually leave the show? Were they going to find a way for her to not leave? Or, given that when the BDM opens she *has* left, was the thought that had the series continued she would just be a recurring character who the crew sees occasionally ("special guest star Morena Baccarin!")?

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