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From the 'Firefly' DVD Q&A

Joss Whedon addressed the question of the “Firefly” movie before launching the Q&A. He confirmed that the script had been written and that the movie may or may not get made, but “it looks like we have a pretty good shot.”

The cast was even more optimistic. Baccarin, when asked what was on her plate, exclaimed “We’re all going to do ‘Firefly the Movie’!” “I would cancel dialysis to be in” a big-screen “Firefly,” said Fillion when asked if there were any issues with the cast’s availability.

Whedon said writing the “Firefly” movie was “the hardest writing I’ve ever done.” He says it will entertain “Firefly” virgins but also sport some big fat payoffs for fans of the series."

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Note: There is one little spoiler for Angel.

Here are some photos of the event.
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