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Update - "Big Damn Chefs: the International Browncoat Charity Cookbook"

More exciting developments are going on with the project!! :)

Big Damn Chefs now has over 100 recipes submitted from Browncoats all over the world, and we're looking for more!

Other thrilling stuff is happening... for instance, BigDamnChefs.com has gone live!


Even more shiny is that we also now have two Firefly crew members on board with us!

* Firefly costume designer Shawna Trpcic - which many of you will know from the costume auctions in the last few months - has said she has killer recipes for both chili and fudge that she's eager to share with her Browncoats.
* And creator of the music of Firefly that we all love so well, Greg Edmonson, says he's gonna put on his creative toque and that the project looks like lots of fun!

We'll be soliciting items from other of our Big Damn Heroes, as well. So the plan is that you'll be seeing recipes, articles, and/or illustrations from Nathan, Gina, Adam, Alan, Jewel, Morena, Summer, Sean, Ron, Joss, Tim, etc, in the book, too!!

As most of you know, Browncoats have gained a great reputation for coming together and supporting worthy causes, most notably when it comes to Joss Whedon's favorite charity, Equality Now. We are proud to continue this tradition, though we've taken a slightly different route. This is a cookbook project, and what more fitting a charity to suport than one that works to find solutions to hunger around the world. All funds collected from the sale of "Big Damn Chefs" cookbooks and other BDC items that do not go directly back into their production costs will be donated to Freedom from Hunger, an international development organization working in seventeen countries across the globe, helping hardworking women win life-saving victories against chronic hunger and build healthy lives for their children. Freedom from Hunger brings innovative and sustainable self-help solutions to the fight against chronic hunger and poverty. Together with local partners, they equip families with needed resources to build futures of health, hope and dignity. http://www.freefromhunger.org/

Coming soon will also be the details of the cover art contest! The grand prize will be, of course, that your artwork will be used on the cover, and a copy of the book (which, if we're lucky, we might be able to get some autographs in). Runner up prizes are in the works, too. We'll also be needing some black and white illustrations for the inside of the book - it would be great if we had some Firefly/Serenity-cooking themed illos from our own Browncoats!

The goal for making the cookbook available for purchase is currently June 1, 2006. The book will be 5.5'x8", have a full color cover and black and white illustrations, spiral binding, and will be a bit under 200 pages.

To submit recipes send them to: submissions@bigdamnchefs.com. Please include:

* board user name
* any other name you'd like to appear (real name is fine, too!)
* the area in which you live (to show the diversity of our community)
* the recipe, including any comments/notes about it (to personalize it)
* if possible, include measurements in both American standard and metric - a useful tool for converting is available at RecipeZaar:

We cannot accept completely anonymous submissions. If the recipe is from a book, please re-write the directions in your own words, include any changes you make (and who doesn't change a recipe?) and, preferably, create your own recipe title. (For more information, refer to US Copyright FL-122 at http://www.copyright.gov/fls/fl122.html .) We cannot accept recipes which are not yours which have not been re-written (such as Nathan Fillion's Bean Dip recipe which was published in Lux Lucre's Browncoat Guidebook) and which we do not have permission to publish.

If you've already submitted a recipe and we're missing any of the above items, please email us at submissions@bigdamnchefs.com with the additional information.
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