Kaitlyn (frodolyn) wrote in fireflyfans,

Two Firefly Vids of DOOM

Fandom: Firefly / Serenity  
Vidder: Frodolyn
Music Genre: Rock
Song: "Post War Dream" and "The Fletcher Memorial Home" both by Pink Floyd
Paring: Nope no pairing, I suppose, Humanity and War?
Video Genre: I suppose its sorta action, sorta . . .i have no idea.
Summery: War, Violence, Death and how it affects the Firefly Verse and the characters within it. Not as depressing as that sounded. Supposed to be for the black and white challenge at sff_vidding but i may have gotten a touch carried away with the color *blushes*
Link:Click here to watch 'post-war-dream-'
megaupload link 

ANNNNDDD *Drumroll* 
Song: "Black Dove" By Tori Amos 
Pairing: Not so much a pairing as a character - that is River 
Summery: A request I did, thanks so much you guys for getting this song to me, after that, everything fell in to place in no time at all. : )
Link:Click here to watch 'Black-Dove' megaupload link
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