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Star Wars Whedon

Hey everyone. I had had just seen footage of the "Star Wars Kid" the other day. Here's a ref's for those who haven't heard of Ghyslain Raza.


And then I was watching "Journey" from the euro-release of Serenity and noticed this:



Man. Joss is hysterical. Being new to the Firefly universe, thank goodness I was fortunate enough Serenity trailer months in advance to look up what was everything was about.


I hadn't realized at the time that it was based on Firefly and headed out to pick up the dvd set, which seemed to be sold out everywhere. After watching the entire season it broke my heart to find out that fox had aired them in the wrong order and it was canned (damn you fox!). While Buffy and Angel continued to live on WB, then UPN(gag) a genius idea like Firefly slipped out of our view. But thanks to all of your suport for the BDM happened, and a special thank you to some special browncoats that hooked us up with screening tickets!

Thanks for fighting the good fight.

By the way. Any New York Browncoats on here? Looking to read up on a forum.
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