snorting and cursing (lostonbroadway) wrote in fireflyfans,
snorting and cursing


I just watched Serenity (pilot ep) with the commentary on and I'm not sure I've EVER laughed so hard! Again, it inspired my icon ;)

Joss + Nathan = Hilarity

I also had never noticed the blooper before (I've seen Serenity about 5 times)when they show Wash after loosing the Reevers and he's pretending to be holding the "steering wheel", but is actually holding nothing :)

I know I'm among the minority who hadn't heard this, but I just have to say that even if you're not a fan of commentaries (which I'm not) you'll enjoy this one. I then tried to watch The Train Job with the commentary, but it just wasn't as good. I can't wait to hear the others :)
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