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The movie comes out on DVD in the UK on Monday, and if you order from HMV (online at the very least, possibly instore too, not sure), you get a set of six art cards. I ordered mine a few weeks back, and it arrived this morning, ahead of Monday's release date.

So I present to you the art cards. They're concept art, four of them are in the visual companion - the other two may well be, but I've had a fairly good scour and I can't see them!

Anyhoo - have scanned 'em. Well. I say scanned - I've taken photos of them with my digital camera because I don't have a scanner. So apologies for the flashmark in one of them...

One of them contains a rather huge spoiler.

Found at the bottom of the middle column of page 70 of the VC:

These are the two I can't find:

The SPOILERIFFIC one (also the one with the flashmark...):

Page 47:

Page 40-41:

Page 53:

And the sticker on the front of the plastic, proudly declaring "Film of the Year - As voted for by Film 2005" - Yay!

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