Lisa (shahrazad) wrote in fireflyfans,

Docking Question

Hi all. I joined the community back in December when I was finally introduced to the wonder that is Firefly by my friends, but I've never posted before.

Anyway, I've been rewatching the eps and maybe there's a simple explanation to this that I don't see, but I was wondering if anyone knows how, when Serenity docks with another ship, etc., she turns upside down, but everything it still right side up on both ships. I get that there's obviously artificial gravity on Serenity, but for instance in Safe, when they dock with the Magellan, wouldn't the floor of Serenity be connected to the ceiling of the Magellan?

Like I said, there's probably a simple explanation, but it's usually the simple things that I don't see right away.
Thanks to all in advance. =)
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