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There's been a lot of debating going 'round about this here Reaver business. Seeing as how it may spoil part of the series and, certainly, the film, it is behind this nifty cut thinger.

I want to put forth my own argument about the use of Pax on the ship in Bushwhacked, that the ship wasn't attacked by a Reaver raiding party (or a raver reading party). Pax was used on the ship that the crew of Serenity finds for these reasons:

1. Zoë points out that there appears to be no struggle on the ship. "They all just lay down."
2. The "survivor" became a Reaver because of the Pax, not because he was allowed to live and made to look into the face of darkness. Mal may be a powerful speaker, but right here, he's out of his element, if only because he doesn't know the complete dark underbelly of the utopia against which he struggles.
3. Dr. Simon, after examining the poor fellow, says he has "borderline malnutrition." Certainly, this would be the result of eating too much long pork for all that time. Jayne actually finds a lot of packaged meals in the mess hall of the ship, and you can watch him thrusting many a shiny, foily plate into his bag. Why would the lone survivor on a ship like that be malnourished if he had all that food ready to go?
4. The unfinished log entry that Zoë finds actually speaks, in ambiguous terms, of the dispersion of the Pax onboard. If you pause your DVD, you can actually read the entry. I have provided a link to the image so you can see it yourself: take a gander.
5. Also, the madness of Reaver does not make one completely stupid. They still operate their vessels and such, somehow. The Reaver-survivor made the trap himself.

Any other thoughts? Counter-arguments? People who think I'm just wrong and a dumb? ;-)
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