But what if I'm a mermaid? (deepbluemermaid) wrote in fireflyfans,
But what if I'm a mermaid?

Ugandan president references Serenity...kinda ;-)

I was just listening to the BBC World Service, and heard an interview with Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni. He was talking about his annoyance with international donor countries, who have been critical of his government. He referred to them as "meddling".

You know you're obsessed when...you read Serenity references into serious political discussion on the BBC!

On a different subject entirely - I downloaded a copy of the extended Firefly gag reel a while ago. But it was in mp4 format, and none of my software will play it. Does anyone have an alternative version, or a link to a website where I can download a copy? Thanks!
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