babyfey (babyfey) wrote in fireflyfans,

A live performance of The Hero of Canton

I wore my Browncoat shirt (see here) to the Arizona Renaissance Festival, figuring there's so many people that I'm bound to get someone that recognized it, and I did :) While I was at the falconry show, one of the presenters told me I had to see a group called Allanah, who were also Browncoats, so I just had to stay to see their show towards the end of the festival. It was so worth it... :)

When they came on stage to set up, one of came right up to me, stared at my shirt and called all the others to see the shirt. Then they sat down and performed the Hero of Canton live, complete with a guitar, piccolo, drum, violin, and a mandolin. Oh, it was shiny. My brother and I grinned like idiots while we sang along. After that they did their normal performance (awesome dances by the girls), and then since there weren't many people, they sat down again and performed Mal's song, and once again, we sang along.

So, if any of you are in Arizona, go to the festival, see Allanah, maybe they'll sing the song for you too :)
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