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New Community Pimpage!


I'd like to point you all in the direction of a new "round robin" style Firefly community at ff_roundrobin. Our new community is welcoming to all ships, as well as those of you who are gen fic'ers. We plan to (when fully up and running) have three fics going at once. One Gen, one Het, one Slash.

We've got a little something up our sleeves to get the first fic started, but we'd like to hear what all of you like. Please stop by to join us, and leave your preferences in a comment on our intro post. We want to launch this week and we'd love to have you all there to help things flow smoothly. It's the perfect place to hone your fanfic skills or just to get your feet wet in the fandom.

So clicky on this *glorious* (nudge-nudge) button and join:
Take a turn at telling their story.
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