Terra (unmei_no_yume) wrote in fireflyfans,

River Tam Doodle

I've tried and failed miserably before to do Firefly Fanart... I just canNot doodle real people whatever I do. However, this time around, I couldn't help but give it another try, but this time with my brand new Wacom Tablet. So here's the result... I hope you guys like it. It's not great but it's sadly the best I've done thus far... I think you can tell where I got lazy...but it's partly because I've got a hammering headache and I had to make somany changes that I just gave up =P Oh and keep in mind I really only started coloring recently. And the whole drawing digitally is still new to me too.

I swear I doodle better than this -really I do. Ok maybe not. I'm afraid that my "style" sort of made it difficult to draw River as...River. Anyway, I hope to have more stuff soon... I want something better than this to put in my DeviantArt gallery and not in my scraps =P

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