sororitysheep (sororitysheep) wrote in fireflyfans,

River art...

Wow, my first big post here, how unsettlin'. ^_^

clicky for River fanart
I've noticed some fanart posted here and I thought I'd jump on in, seeing as how I very rarely am inspired to draw for tv/movies. It's nervewracking to try to portray real people... :(
I'm having issues with giving you guys a thumbnail (aka, I can't seem to get it to work usually), so if you'd like to see a bit o' River fanart, please go to it on my deviantart here.
Interestingly, the title "you're dangerous" is from a Ghost of the Robot song (Spike's band in RL? pretty decent, actually).

So thanks for looking. I appreciate it, alot.

Edited to fix my stupid lj-cut. Heh.

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