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The Future is Now.

This is a Firefly role playing game set approximately twenty-five years after the events of the series. The game is strongly AU in as much as we don't know what will happen with the future of the 'verse. We stick to canon as much as we can, however.

The Alliance has become worse than you can imagine. Almost everything is restricted in the Core. Each citizen is given a ration card that allows them to purchase a certain amount of food and living supplies each month. Because, of course, this isn't enough to actually live off, the black market has flourished.

Enter our Big Damn Heroes, mark two.

Characters allowed in this game are the next generation from the crew you know. The children of the crew and their peers. Serenity is still flying and still hauling cargo under new command, twenty-twp year old Lis Reynolds, daughter of Mal Reynolds and Inara Serra. Most of the original family is dead, the only surviving memebers are Kaylee and Inara, both planetside.

Work comes as we can get it, not usually legal, not usually safe. You get a cut of the profits when we have them. Food is in short supply and we share what little we do have. The Alliance is usually on our tail and they don't take kindly to what we do.

But you get your own room.

We have an immediate opening for a Mechanic (possible take over of an existing Simon/Kaylee child) and a Merc or two. There is room for passengers, too. And possible Alliance folk to be evil.

How do I join?
To ask questions: AIM: Lady Browncoat; YIM: lady_browncoat.
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