Jess (sirduke) wrote in fireflyfans,

A token "OMGZ NEWBIE" post

I've been a fan since, oh, Friday at one o'clock. A handful of people on my friends list have been Firefly fans, but it never came up much (and why? I now wonder). On Friday, one of them mentioned that there was a marathon on SciFi. Being obsessed with LJ, I knew the names of the characters, the general plot, its untimely death, but nothin' more than that. It had me at the theme song. After watching "Bushwhacked," and "Shindig," I was so sold.

The characters? The music? The episodes? Like, how have I been missing out on this for... ever? Anyway, even after those two episodes, I knew I was doomed. I watched "Safe," "Our Mrs. Reynolds," and "Jaynestown" today and I plan on buying the DVDs asap (tomorrow? YES). I need the DVDs. I want to see Serenity so bad, but I'm definitely going to wait. I've been spoiled, unfortunately, way back when it first came out, but I refuse to read any other spoilers. I'm so excited!
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