Katie (orangepenguino) wrote in fireflyfans,

A token of appreciation

As you may have seen via a post here by bufandita, I had quite the amazing fandom experience on Thursday night at the Slither premiere (you can find my recap here). Since then I've been working on a little project to give something back to the Firefly/Serenity fandom. I bought a wireimage.com account post-premiere and have spent the weekend tagging, organizing and downloading pictures from as many Firefly/Serenity related events as I could find. So far I have just over 500 pictures. They're all tagged according to actors and divided into folders based on events.

You can find the gallery here.

I hope you all enjoy them and for the next month if you see any wireimage.com pictures you want added to collection, I'd be happy to do that. (I admit that I have yet to look for random pictures of any cast members other than Nathan and Alan but I am totally willing to do so.)

[link cross posted to fillion_daily]
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