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Final Fantasy Firefly???

Well, I'm fresh from finally watching every episode (I know, I'm really late to the party, shut up), and I got an idea for a video game of mine. I'm gonna take the characters from Final Fantasy VI and give them the names of characters from FF. Confusing? Well, I'll explain below. Contains spoilers, using a cut, blah blah blah.

Ok, I'm gonna list the game characters in the order they appear, followed by a rough explanation of their role and what FF namesake they receive. If you need more info on the characters, Final Fantasy Online should help you out. Here we go!

Terra: Terra was seized by the Empire and was programmed for destruction, until a freak accident knocked her back into reality. She's highly unaware of the grand powers she possesses, she has recurring dreams involving her scary past with the Empire, and she freaks out more than once. She reminds me of River. River is also unaware of her powers, she was misused by the Academy(Empire), and her past is kinda mysterious but does come out in bits and pieces. I dunno, when I first thought of Terra, I thought of River.
Locke: Locke is a thief, but he considers himself a "treasure hunter" by trade. He takes work where he can find it, and when he finds Terra he vows to help her get better and rediscover hersrlf. He has qualities of both Mal and Simon, doesn't he? But the fact that he is treasure hunter above all else makes me want to call him Mal.
Edgar: Edagr is the king of Figaro Castle, and he thinks himself as a ladies' man of some sort. His skill in battle is that he is very proficient with various tools. His impressive arsenal reminds me of the rack of guns Jayne keeps in his bunk, so Edgar gets to be named Jayne simply for this reason.
Sabin: Sabin is Edgar's brother and ran away at a younger age to train in martial arts, which he brings out using his various Blitzes in battle. Now, I'm having a hard time trying to figure out what FF name Sbain should receive. I want to include every member of the crew, and Simon at the moment is the only crew member without a character to have his name. Ideas anyone?
Celes: Celes was a former soldier of the Empire, and was artificially enabled to use magic. She broke away and joined Locke and company to strike back at the Empire and all of the terrible things it has done. Well, River was already taken (you can see her River-esque qualities, yes?), so I'm going with Zoe, who was also once a soldier and is now a rebel in her own right.
Shadow: Shadow is a free sprit. He does what he wants, when he wants, and he goes where heis travels take him. It is also believed that he can be hired to do a certain job. After watching "Objects in Space", I realized that Shadow should take the name of Jubal Early, the bounty hunter that was so quick and efficient at incapacitating most of Serenity's crew (Take the "ear" out of his name and you get your pun of the week). And yes, that is how his name is spelled, I checked the subtitles just to make sure. Anyway, I think the stealthy ninja should be named after the sneaky hunter, right?
Cyan: Cyan was the leader of Doma Castle, until his water supply was poisoned by the Empire, killing off all of his soldiers and even his wife and children. Boy, if that doesn't speel out "revenge", I dunno what does. Anyway, Cyan is very skilled at swordplay, and his SwordTech moves cut battles short. I think that he'd be best renamed Atherton, the skilled swordsman in "Shindig" that almost killed Mal during a duel. He could also be Tracey, Mal and Zoe's old war buddy from "The Message", but I think Atherton is better suited.
Gau: Gau is a boy that was left to fend for himself in the wild, and he did so swimmingly. He attacks by taking on the battle tactics of any monster you've fought so far in the game. The fact that Gau has minimal humanity left in him first tempted me to call him Reaver, but then after going back through "Jaynestown" I think he'd be better off as Stiych, the guy Jayne left for dead four years before. Stitch has a nice wild spirit in him since he first wanted revenge on Jayne, and Gau does bear some resemblance to him (not a lot, but some).
Setzer: Setzer is a gambler with his own airship that is more arrogant in the chick-magnet department then Edgar is. He attacks in a gambling style, dealing random amounts of damage.The fact that he flies a ship screams "Wash" at me. But, Sabin does sorta have Wash's hair.....
Strago: Strago is an old man that lives in a village with his granddaughter, Relm. His specialty is Blue Magic, meaning that he can take a skill an enemy has used on him and send it back at his enemies tenfold. Quite nice, actually. Strago makes me think of Book: he's old, he's a bit out of touch, and he has unique skills that make him a valued part of the team. But mostly, he's old.
Relm: Relm, Strago's granddaughter, comes into the game by being rescued from a burning building. She draws pictures, and in battle her sketches literally come to life!! Now, I think that She is more fitting as Kaylee than Inara, mainly because Kaylee is also skilled with her hands, even if she's not using them to paint.
Mog: Mog is a Moogle, a race of furry creatures that look bizarre but are actually very helpful and kind and happy-go-lucky. Mog dances in batlle, and these dances can have any number of effects. I know that most sites list mog as a guy, so you may be looking at me funny when I say that Mog should be renamed Inara. If you think about it, Inara does tend to dress a bit like a belly dancer. Yes, I know it's to show off her body, but still. If you can think of something better, don't hesitate to tell me.
Umaro: Umaro is a beast, pure and simple. He is uncontrollable at all times, and though he is on your side, he's basically a loose cannon with way too much power. His severe lack of humanity makes me want to name him Reaver in honor of the cannabalistic race from the series and movie.
Gogo: Gogo is a mime. Really, he is. He doesn't speak at all, and his battle skill is mimicking the last attack that an ally made. As you can see, there is no character from the series like that. Instead, I want to bring in the chinese aspect of FF. I want to give him the Mandarin term for "no-name", which I believe is "nei-ming", but I could be wrong. Could someone help me out with that?

Ok, yeah, I know, it's a long post, but comments are GREATLY appreciated. Thanks guys!!
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